Blue Revival

This family has a new favorite room! It’s a lounge that’s great for games or adult cocktails. Rich colors and highly textured finishes bring depth to this room and comfort. It’s visually satisfying and a tactile pleasure. Now the family is proud to host friends or just hang out as a family for fun!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Designer Credits: Valery Huffenus

Project Overview:

Just off the entry hall, guests were greeted by an empty, lifeless room. Not very welcoming for sure! This space lacked character and purpose. The clients desired a multifunctional space that the whole family could enjoy. Its intended purpose was for formal dining. However, a better fit for this family was to have a lounge area. This would create a game space for kids and for adults, a place to informally gather with friends. Finishes and selections would make this dream a reality.

A beautiful blue shag rug set the tone for a casual, comfy vibe, one to soak your toes into! It also provided a fabulous foundation for the four blue floral pattern swivel chairs, playful yet sophisticated. A clear chrome coffee table grounds the grouping. Long cabinetry has storage for games or doubles as a cocktail bar. Soft grey textured linen draperies soften and frame the windows. Blue walls and accessories tie the room together. The kids and adults can’t get enough of this space now! Not to mention, it’s a proud part of the home’s entry inviting anyone in to enjoy!

Blue Revival