Custom Window Treatments

At Inspired Interiors we specialize in custom window treatments from the simplest side panels to intricate drapery designs. Bare windows are impractical – windows need to offer privacy, shade your furnishings and floors from outside elements and most of all, they are the stylish finish to any space. Many people are either intimidated by the choices, may think draperies are an indulgence, or think they are totally unnecessary. Valery will demonstrate that once you have custom window treatments, you’ll understand the importance. And if you’re project is for a bedroom, we also have semi-custom and custom bedding too. As a Decorating Den Interiors franchise, we have over 50 years experience with all types of  window treatments. Contact owner Valery Huffenus today.


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Window dressing

Inspired Interiors offers a vast variety of decorative soft window treatments from draperies, side panels, roman shades and top treatments. Inspired Interiors is also an agent for Hunter Douglas and other high quality, hard window fashion brands, and can offer advice on motorization throughout the home.

We offer a wide variety of decorative soft window treatments from draperies, side panels, roman shades and top treatments. Window treatment specialist Valery Huffenus comes to see the windows on site and assists with choosing from an extensive selection of drapery styles and an almost unlimited collection of beautiful fabrics. The custom options of trims and banding, coupled with the highest quality of fabrication make the perfect drapery for any window.

Although many window treatments are made for decorative purposes, we have clients such as doctors, nurses and first-responders who work in shifts and need to sleep during the day. Complete darkness is imperative for them and our expertise will guide you with what is needed to accomplish total blackout.

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Why you need window treatments

Some advantages of introducing custom window treatments:

  • Are an integral part of interior design.
  • Insulate windows from cold in winter or heat in summer.
  • Protects furniture, rugs and floors from direct sun and light to stop fabrics and furniture from fading.
  • Offers full privacy from anyone looking in from outside.
  • Absorbs sound to stop any hollow echoing.
  • Draperies can fit with any décor, completing the design.
  • They work well in conjunction with blinds and shades.
  • Can camouflage architectural flaws or bad woodwork.
  • Well made draperies fabricated with quality fabric and fully lined will last until you decorate again. A long time.

Custom window treatments can be works of art, hand and machine sewn by talented workrooms.

Challenging windows

Tall windows as seen here can also pose difficulties so hiring a design professional is again a sensible decision for a homeowner because Valery has the resources for scaffolding and certified window treatment installers to make your life easy. Valery can also help with difficult shaped windows or awkward ceilings.

Bay windows offer the perfect placement for a small seating area or reading nook while taking advantage of the views outside your home. However, due to their shape, bay windows can sometimes cause measuring and installation issues for homeowners. Inspired Interiors is able to design custom bay window treatments that match the style of your windows and your home.

The possibilities are endless and we are here to help you every step of the way. Once we have selected the right window treatment for your situation, Valery will take measurements, place the orders and our talented fabricators will work to ensure that the designs are built to your specifications. We then deliver and install the products to your satisfaction.

Top treatments such as cornice boards can be used on their own or paired with blinds or drapery panels.

Simple Window Treatments

Draperies are not suitable for every application because in a kitchen they may get dirty; in a bathroom there may not be floor space. But in most cases Valery can design a treatment that will soften the hard edges of a window, hide the mechanics of another layer, and draw your eye to the window.

There are many choices to explore:

  • Cornice boards
  • Valances
  • Roman shades
  • Hard window treatments
  • And many more

You can further embellish a top treatment or fabric shade with custom trim that will add an interesting and individual look to the finished product.

Blinds, shades & shutters

Whether you’re moving to a new home or updating your existing home, the first thing you’ll want to do is cover the windows for privacy. Call our window treatment specialist who will show you the many different styles of blinds and shades, and discuss the pros and cons of each, for your windows. Your Charlotte interior designer has several brands of blinds and shades to show you, at different price points.


The custom window treatments shown here are just a selection of different styles that are available. Contact Valery Huffenus or call her now at (704) 807-7095 to discuss your window treatment requirements.