Difficult Bedroom Layout

This oddly-shaped room demanded rejuvenation and a peaceful aura. Everything from flooring and furniture to window treatments and accessory choices required an overhaul. Ultimately, the clients desired a serene and welcoming escape.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Designer Credits: Valery Huffenus

Project Overview:

A fresh application of stain to the existing floors introduced an updated color scheme and a modern matte finish, establishing the final touch to the overall appearance. A new area rug and an upholstered bed adorned with gold accents injected an element of softness and fascination.

Inviting and warm, the bedding in calm tones along with draperies added pattern, texture, and color. The room was brought together by an original piece of art, which initially inspired the color palette. The room was made more spacious by eliminating the overhead fan, while bedside pendants instilled a hotel-esque aesthetic. This open, luminous room is now a warm invitation to relaxation and rest!

A haven of tranquility has been achieved. The room has been rejuvenated and illuminated with a pristine layer of white paint. The incorporation of gentle, neutral shades cultivated a peaceful atmosphere. The space was enriched with texture and comfort through plush area rugs and padded furniture. A well-organized cabinet took care of the clutter, creating an enticing sanctuary that soothes and replenishes the soul.

Difficult Bedroom Layout