Top 5 Living Room Makeover Styles

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Has your spring cleaning led to thoughts of a living room makeover , your main gathering place? If so, we have ideas for you.  A good starting point is to think about an overall style, like a theme that will hold the room together and helps it tell a story. Here are five inspirations for doing just that.


Minimalist style emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, with neutral colors and minimalist décor. Use furniture and décor pieces that are sleek and functional, and maximize the use of natural light. Since you’re in that spring cleaning mode, the very first thing to do is declutter. Minimalist is quite literal. What’s the least you need or want?

In your minimalist living room makeover colors should lean toward neutral.

Minimalist colors should lean toward neutral. You want soft colors. You don’t want the room to shout “look at me.” The color palette is a simple background for the furnishings and function of the space. Eye-catching wall art can provide a bit of contrast. Make the most of natural light. The result should be calming and relaxing.


Bohemian style living rooms are inspired by a mix of cultures and incorporates colorful, eclectic pieces with lots of texture. Use earthy tones, layered textiles, and a variety of plants to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Think “Midnight in Paris,” a movie worth seeing for its cast of bohemians in Jazz Age Paris.

Traditional style living rooms feature classic furniture pieces with ornate details. Rich fabrics for draperies and upholstery are a staple.

If you are somewhat unconventional and enjoy musical, artistic and literary pursuits, Bohemian style might be the right decorating melody for you to play. Think ‘no rules.’ If you like it, it fits. A key word is mixing. This might also be called eclectic. Today it is sometimes referred to as Boho style.


Industrial style living room features an edgy, urban look with a focus on raw materials, such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal accents. Incorporate vintage and industrial-inspired furniture and lighting to complete the look. As its name suggests, Industrial style interiors have been inspired by people converting former commercial spaces into residential spaces. Think about restaurants or brew pubs that have that warehouse look.

This industrial living room makeover in a loft uses warm colors to work with the cold concrete and dusting that can be part of loft living.


Coastal style living rooms incorporate natural materials and soothing colors reminiscent of the beach, such as light blues and whites. Use furniture and décor pieces that feature natural textures like sisal, jute, and rope, and finish off the space with ocean-themed accents like shells and driftwood. Think Margaritaville. Well, maybe toned down some.

You don't have to live at the coast for a beach living room makover. If you are a little subtle, it will work in your home - wherever you are.

With your living room makeover you will be using lots of lighter colors on furniture, be sure to ask about Performance Fabrics and the differences among them. Wallcoverings, especially murals, are a fabulous way to create a coastal feel and stimulate the imagination. Use shell print fabrics on pillows and shell-based lighting to add interest. Go ahead, make it a day at the beach.


Traditional style living rooms feature classic furniture pieces with ornate details, perhaps a Chippendale. Rich fabrics for draperies and upholstery are a staple. Use warm colors like reds and golds and incorporate elegant accents like chandeliers and vintage mirrors to create a timeless and welcoming look.

Traditional style living rooms feature classic furniture pieces with ornate details. Rich fabrics for draperies and upholstery are a staple.

A key in furniture placement is balance; think symmetrical. Oriental rugs, woods, and chandeliers are popular with traditionalists. There always are some who say traditional is outdated, but as the word conveys, it is lasting in favor. Traditional is tried and true but evolving. Feel free to work with your [designer] to add your own personal touches.

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