The Great Equalizer

Ottomans are the great equalizer in the land of design. Available at many price points and in countless shapes, sizes, colors and textures, they offer any room some distinctive design style. They can be incorporated into any decor style whether it’s transitional, modern, eclectic or traditional. They are multifunctional, acting as seating, serving or storage options for any space. Ottomans often add a unique shock of color, texture or shape to a room. Solid fabric or leather ottomans can spice things up with bright colors, providing that extra oomph an area may need. Graphic or floral design ottomans bring flair to a boring space with form and pattern. Shapes vary from circular to square to rectangular, keeping your design more interesting. Heights vary from low, like extra media room seating, to high, becoming side table service. Dress them down with casual natural fabrics like jute or dress them up with plush luxurious velvets. Need extra storage? They can double as a place to stash smaller items, books, games and throws  with their removable tops. Whatever their purpose, they serve style unlike any other design piece you may purchase. So, spend a lot or a little and you’ll win either way with a piece that is stylish and smart.

  1. Here an interesting graphic fabric ottoman that functions as a side table.
  2. These unique and stylish hair on hide ottomans offer upscale dining seating.
  3. Use attractive textured leather ottomans to serve as additional seating or as side tables.

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