Decorating Den’s Ladylike Office Design

Article Patrice Hawkins & Valery Huffenus of Decorating Den Interiors | Photography Julie Legge

Gone are the days when women only had clunky desks and chairs in their office! Now a work space not only defines your business, but you as well. Many offices, like this one in Ballantyne, now incorporate personal details from home for a look that’s representative of the women who work there.

Women require more space than a traditional desk provides. Workstations are a great solution; an L-shaped configuration provides twice the workspace plus storage like cubbyholes, and the office armoire—with two tall doors open to reveal a drop-down work surface and plenty of storage space—is compact and cool.

Chairs, too, have vastly improved in aesthetics and comfort, now designed to fit the female body. You can put a personal stamp on your office with the color, look and design of a chair that matches your personality, whether that be a traditional wing chair, a modern white leather number (like in this Ballantyne office), or a refurbished vintage piece.

Another important consideration? Storage! Computers, files, mail, magazines, and office equipment and their wires take up tons of linear space! Many companies design work furniture with storage in mind with inventive options, like hiding wires in the legs of a desk.

Don’t forget furnishings that will put your personality into the office. Art, accessories and accomplishments displayed say “This is my space!”

+ Lift desks and standing desks are appealing options that keep your physical health in mind and save precious office space.

+ Decorative lighting, art, accessories, custom window treatments, and area rugs make you space personal for you, and approachable for outsiders, too.

+ Chairs in classic and modern shapes alike can be comfortable and stylish in any office.

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